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Pulling virus out of thin air

Environmental testing designed to minimise the disruption caused by transmission of Covid-19 and other virus or bacteria within communal spaces.

Surveys and site analysis
Mobile or deployed atmospheric monitoring
Effectiveness of ventilation systems

Designed to minimise the disruption caused by viral and bacterial transmission within communal spaces.


chxair is the leading ‘in-air’ and surface pathogen surveillance system that gives timely and accurate monitoring of environmental safety.  Using state-of-the- art Q-PCR air monitoring technology chxair identifies for the presence of virus and bacteria within an indoor setting and hence can be used to limit exposure to employees and communities. chxair provides assurance for critical environments and enhances your safety protocols.


Superior environmental & occupational surveillance

chxair uses world class technology in partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific™, the worlds leading provider of scientific instrumentation, reagents and software service. chxair is part of Complement Genomics Ltd a long established and accredited UK based molecular biology services business.



Viruses are microscopic entities, neither alive nor dead, which can infect every living cell and organism.  We focus at the moment on the virus known as SARS-Cov-2 which infects humans, but there are hundreds of other respiratory viruses and indeed thousands of other viruses that can infect humans, with many more yet to be identified. Humans are not the only target for viruses, all living cells, plants, microbes  and other animals have to contend with them! 

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